How to configure Watchdog®

After applying for a Watchdog® the superuser for the service can edit the paths that should be monitored by Modernus and he can also add users that should get alerts from the monitoring system.

  1. Log into the Modernus web interface at
  2. Go to >>Settings/Watchdog monitoring/Servers
  3. Click "Add"
  4. Insert the URL for the web page to monitor, i.e.
  5. Make sure to double check all input. The port number is usually always 80 and a common response time is 10 seconds. That means that if the web page has not responded after 10 seconds of waiting an alert is put out.
  6. The sensitivity of the monitoring is configured under "Warning on timeout nr". If this value is set to 3 it means that an alert is sent out if a web page has timed out three times in a row. Settings this too low means many alert may be sent out if the network or the web server is slow to respond. Very important webs can set this to 1-2 and will then receive an alert as soon as the page times out.
  7. The next step is to assign users to receive alerts. If "Send SMS" is checked it means that SMS messages are sent to the phone number registered by the user in question under My settings. Therefor it is very important that users that receive alerts from the Watchdog have correct mobile phone numbers registered.
  8. The Watchdog can also monitor the content of a web page. Under "Special warnings for this Watchdog" you can enter text that should be searched for on the page. If the text is not found an alert is put out. This can also be inverted so an alert is sent out if the text is found.
  9. Remember to click "Save" when all settings are correct.