Effective webmeasure®

Effective webmeasure® is a software developed in Iceland that is designed to measure and store the most accurate data about web usage possible.

Some of the data the system measures are:

  • The number of users that visit the website and how often, on a unique basis
  • Page impressions (not hits)
  • The hostname and domain of users, as well as IP addresses and more
  • Countries and continents the users are coming from
  • References that users follow to the website
  • Search terms
  • Popularity of pages on the website
  • How much time users are spending on the website and specific pages
  • The results of ads on other websites
  • Path analysis that shows how users are travelling the website
  • Daily and weekly reports, as well as special yearly reports

Data can be requested by hours, days, weeks, months or years. It is displayed in an easy to use manner in simple charts and tables and the interface is available in five languages (Icelandic, English, Danish, Faroese and German). Specially tailored PDF reports can be ordered directly from the web interface. All Icelandic and Faroese webs with Professional web measuring can participate in Coordinated webmeasure® with no extra fee.